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where the movie scene meet and create together. WORLD VIRTUAL STUDIO, NOW At Your

mooViPro where the movie scene meet and create together. WORLD Biggest VIRTUAL STUDIO, NOW At Your

"When you have to , don't talk"

Community & Opportunity

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Open business/private profile to present yourself.

Browse projects on the go, around you and worldwide.

Search for jobs suits your profile around you.

Search for talented people to recruit to participate in your movie.

Browse for businesses can provide services for your movie.

Look for supporting/contributing for movie projects.

Search for grants to support your movie project.

Open project fill in the synopsis form.

Write screenplay on pro-friendly text editor.

Pre production Automatically create and manage scene by scene preparation.

Advanced Resources and budget management.

Automatic optimized shooting schedule with all data required.

Upload all the shooting to start post production.

Making a movie

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, automatically create a file, for Producer's evaluation, including Synopsis, storyboard, resources content and status, detailed budget estimation, Shooting plan and option for trailer.

, enable you to simply plan and create, your movie trailer, as the best promotional tool, to attract Producers and investors, by creating a management plan to produce it.

also serving as a neutral third party, provides Secure Audited Escrow accounts with the highest levels of integrity and reliability to facilitate consumer trust.

also serving as global fundraising site, we help individuals, businesses, and non-profits raise money online in order to fulfill their making movie dream come true.

The fastest way to build your crew and cast.
This icon is made to invite and recruit potential employees to join your movie making from main communication sources as: email, fb, g+, ISA, stage32 and more

The easiest way to manage your budget.
Important tool is the ability to make a budget under constrain, while you recruit, crew and cast, and obtain props, locations, costumes and equipment.


We Believe

There are Thousands of talented and creative people just like you, it does not matter if you are an individual or part of team from a school, college, university friends, from anywhere in the world and from any occupation, together you can make that movie you have always dreamed of.

We Believe

That it is possible for professionals, amateurs, friends, family members and groups from all over the world to work closely together in an advanced, interactive workspace.Resulting a wonderful movie, in very low cost.

We Believe

If you have a good story to tell, we can provide you a tool, you can then make the movie you always dreamed. or if you want to be part of cast and crew, now in a time, that technology has closed most of the gaps that until now has prevented individuals from making a movie.

We Believe

That now you can dare to fulfil your dream. It will only take 10 minutes of your time to open movie project, then we will lead you with your story, and simply gather people around it to create it together with great FUN and JOY