From Script to Screen

Every writer knows how difficult it is to break into the film industry.But not any longer. Moovipro is going to change all that. How many times are we told `we do not accept unsolicited script submissions´. It’s the most common phrase producer’s use. Not to worry we think, we get an agent. So, we send off our fully polished, best script we have ever written, that has taken months of blood, sweat and tears to write, to then be told ‘we do not accept unrepresented clients.’ So how is a writer supposed to get off the hamster wheel? Moovipro has the answer. Cut out the middle man and create the movie yourself. Moovipro and our community are here to hold your hand every step of the way. We don’t care about credits or agents. We care about creativity and believe everyone has a right to an opportunity in this crazy, fickle industry. So, Send those rejection emails to the trash and create a project with us – today!